LA MERA Resto Cafe

Design a visual identity for LAMERA RESTO CAFE in Egypt
Logo concept and its rational and guideline and 3D decoration includes: Logo Design, Tagline, Logo usage, Core elements, Horizontal logo version, Logo guide, Logo clear space, Color palette, Logo background, Arabic typography
English typography, Pattern. Advertising: Signboard, Flags, Rollup.

Printing Items: Menu, Business Card, Letterhead, A4 Envelope
DL Envelope, Tissue, Wet napkin. Chinaware: Plate, Coffee cup, Water Glass, Napkin holder, Table matt

Packaging and Delivery:
Burger Box, Sandwich Box, Paper Cup, Plastic Cup, Wrapping paper, Sugar, brown sugar and salt sticks, Paper Bag

Uniform: Manager, Reception, waiter, chef, cleaner Digital Items: Post Design, Profile Picture and Cover.

3D Decoration: Interior and Exterior design