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Autur City | Luxury with Heavenly Fragrance

The leadership of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman is guiding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to his 2030 Vision, which shall witness the birth of many vast and important projects.

Autur City is one of the most prominent projects in the Kingdom that follows the 2030 Vision of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as this unique venue encompasses high-level features that will present to the world a truly spellbinding image of the Kingdom.

Autur City residents and visitors will find themselves in an unforgettable journey, starting with the stories and displays in the Autur Museum that brings to life the grandeur and history of perfumes from different cultures throughout the ages, especially from Arabia.

The Autur Tower is a spellbinding architectural achievement.  Residential apartments and luxury villas.  The Autur Tower hotel brings a new dimension to the definition of hospitality.   Visitors can walk through colorful gardens of beautiful flowers of all kinds, with fragrance filling in the air.

Autur City is the tourist venue of choice, awaiting those who long for comfort and fragrance, and it brings to the world a unique icon of elegance, grandeur, and luxury.

Autur City luxury living extends its offerings with an 18-hole golf course and an equestrian club, featuring the well-known Arabian horses.

Poised in the city of Riyadh, Autur City is a wonder of wonders that will stun the world.

By the year 2030, the city of Riyadh may well become known to the world as the capital city of fragrance!

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