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What Is Branding?

What does Branding mean?
Brand is a business name, it may be a product name or a company name but the brand is not just a name, because the brand is deeper than the name of business.
In fact, the brand is the one who determines the identity of the product, business or service provided, because the Brand is the answer to the following questions:
1. What is the field of your work?
2. What is the quality of your service or product?
3. What is the price level?
4. Who are the audience of them?
Now, the question is: Can we summarize the answers to these four questions through the Brand?
Yes we can do more!
Let’s talk about a brand that exists in our daily lives, for example:
Apple, is an example of a real brand
First: Apple is a huge company, working in the field of technology and electronics.
Second, the quality of Apple’s products is very excellent.
Third: The level of prices above the middle to high.
Fourth: Most of the beneficiaries of this company are young people, those interested in technology.
Note here that the brand “Apple” only contains all these answers and more ….
The brand should carry colors, forms and a particular show of its own, and this is what we will talk about in other articles.
In the end “Creative 255” as an advertising agency, we do brand design for companies, and we know that the brand is the company’s appearance and must be well thought out.
Could you tell us about your brand please?
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